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As you know that we give information about different blogs on our website. Today we will review Watertownsound blog. The site www.watertownsound.blogspot.com is made on blogspot where you do not need hosting to store a website data. The domain of this website is also a free domain.

Further detailed analysis of About www.watertownsound.blogspot.com

Now we check more information on this blog and we also share details to make a free blog like this with little technical knowledge. As I check this blog through Google, it does not appear in Google search results. The website is not indexed on Google. The site accessible with direct click. There is no menu or categories on the site. This blog has only one post.

About content of the site

Content describe about images of the two locations. As I told image does not appear but showing errors.

First description is about a group shot of 1966. I can understand that the post is talking about the group shot of a band. The location of this photo as per description is The Stonehouse in Watertown. The location in town is Arsenal street.

Further it describes about individual like Duke, Tom, Jack, and Garnet. New member Gary Flagg might join this band after few weeks of this photo.

As per post, more photos were about Pine Lodge where this group had performed few shows. Then after members of this group were move to different places. Duke played a Gretch Tennessean, Tom played a Gretch custom Due-Jet, and Jack continued with Hofner bass.

How to create a blog like www.watertownsound.blogspot.com

For creating blog like it, you need to sign up with Blogger.com. You can use your Google account for sign up. Start with ‘create a new blog’. You can post details in a new blog.

You can use different template in the blog. Use template as per your site niche. Use different template, fonts and layout as per your choice. Add image as per your post and publish your first post with blogger.

In Blogger, you have option to buy custom domain name. You can purchase custom domain name. This allows you to name your website without blogspot name at the end.

Furthermore, if you use custom domain then you can transfer it to WordPress or other platform with your own hosting in the future.

Ways you can monetize your blog

There are many ways you can monetize your blog after creating it with blogspot. You can monetize it with AdSense, affiliate marketing, and many other sources.


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